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Inter University council of Rwandan Students in Uganda is an executive body that comprises of representatives from Rwandan Student Associations in various university in Uganda. The council was officially formed on the 15th March 2015 with guidance of the High Commission of Rwanda in Uganda.

The council is comprised of 10 Executive committee members and two representatives from each University to be part of board members. The council also has representatives from twenty two Universities in Uganda.

The main objectives of this council is to Encourage Rwandan Youth to uphold Rwandan Values, promote Unity, Patriotism, accountability, and mobilizes Rwandan students through the various associations in the Ugandan universities among others.

On the 05.Nov.2016 sixty five Rwandan Student leaders from 21 universities in Uganda held general elections for the year 2016/2017. Each Rwandan student Association from the universities sent three representatives to the inter university council from which an executive committee is selected.

The function that started at 11am and ended at six pm was more than just Inter University Executive Council elections. The student leaders were addressed by the Vice Chairman Ndumunyarwanda for Uganda, Mr. Gashegu Muramira.  In his words he emphases the student leaders to be exemplary in their universities and be proud of their Identities.

The function was also graced by H. E Frank Mugambage the, High Commission of the Republic of Rwanda to Uganda. He congratulated the new leaders and encouraged them to be diligent hard workers with vivid love for their country.

In his words, His Excellency emphasized, “You the new leaders are our ambassadors. Wherever you go, represent us with pride.” He also reminded them of their social responsibility in uplifting the Rwandan identity and living with dignity.

The out going chairman Mr. Kamanzi J. Pierre was replaced by Mutesi Chantala student from St. Lawrence University Kampala.

The High commission pledged full support to the association as they start their mandate in office. And strive for dignity as their motto states.

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