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Rwanda has been lauded for its efforts to promote cross-border trade, which is viewed as a vehicle for economic growth and poverty eradication among developing countries.

This was noted during the opening of a two-day Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) Board Meeting in Kigali yesterday.
The meeting also combined with a workshop on cross-border trade.

It sought to consolidate key policies and strategies with a focus on promoting broad-based economic growth, employment creation, trade development and poverty reduction in Least Developed Countries (LDCs).

The workshop brought together high-level government officials, as well as representatives of EIF and other partners involved in the implementation of the National Cross Border Trade Strategy in Rwanda.

The EIF is a core part of the Sustainable Development Goals, directly referenced in Target 8.A.

The EIF is the only Aid for Trade programme exclusively designed for Least Developed Countries.

The programme brings together partners and resources to support the world’s poorest countries in using trade for poverty reduction, inclusive growth and sustainable development, according to officials.

Over the past seven years, the EIF global partnership supported 142 projects in Least Developed Countries, equivalent to over $200 million.
According to Eloi Laourou, the LDCs Group coordinator, hosting the meeting in Rwanda was very important given the remarkable progress that the country has registered over the years.

“There is no substitute for Rwanda’s rapid growth in trade, technology and innovations among the least developed countries in the region; the country is becoming a model LDC for rapid economic growth and we applaud you for that,” Laourou said during his opening remarks.

He called on governments to ease the policy and legislative environment which, he said, not only helps the LDCs to boost their trade but also attracts local and foreign investment.

“Sound public policies stimulate sound public-private partnerships, and thus sound private sector investment,” he said.

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