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Charles Munyaneza, the executive secretary of the commission.

At least 95 per cent of eligible voters have already validated their personal details on the national voters’ registrar with the majority using internet and mobile phones through short message services, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) has said. 

Since November, last year, the electoral commission has been urging voters to look up their details in the registrar and those whose details have changed urged to update it ahead of the presidential election slated for August 4.

Speaking to The New Times, last week, Charles Munyaneza, the executive secretary of the commission, said the registration activity is going on smoothly, adding that where any technical hitch occurs, assistance is immediately accorded.

Munyaneza noted the will by the Rwandan electorate in the run up to the upcoming elections, saying the only interruptions they get are occasioned by internet connections, which are normally fixed within a short time.

“The preparations are going well. Using digital platforms has eased the process. In case a voter encounters a problem of accessing the roll, they are encouraged to visit our offices in Kigali or consult our agents across the country. Each village has four agents who work on voluntary basis,” Munyaneza said.

He added that the commission has also distributed copies of voters’ lists to all villages in the country to ensure no one is left behind in the exercise.

The information that in most cases requires update includes change of domicile in case a voter has relocated from the place where they originally registered.

“The system is open until we release the final list on July 15. It may occur because network problems occur but the system is still open,” said Munyaneza.

Munyaneza assured of security in using online checking system, saying that NEC employees are always on watch to prevent anyone who can hack into the system or cause any disruption.

Munyaneza advised people to transfer their voting status according to where they think they will be during election time, adding that voters will only vote from the site where their names are registered.

The commission says that a person who is eligible to vote should have the national identity card or any document that can replace it.

The National Electoral Commission called on citizens to be ready for elections as the time approaches.

At least 6.9 million people are expected to participate in 2017 presidential elections, according to NEC.

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