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The East African Business Council (EABC) has raised concerns over high cost of air transport that is attributed to the slow pace of liberalisation, and have challenged the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) to move fast to enact policies that would streamline aviation industry.

During a dinner in Kigali, on Tuesday, EABC executive director Lilian Awinja highlighted challenges that the business community faces and called on the Assembly to exercise its oversight role to address the issues, particularly “where implementation of agreed commitments by EAC partner states is dragging endlessly.”

These issues, Awinja said, affect business growth and investment into the region.

“The private sector is concerned that despite the commitments of the EAC partner states at the international level, and the EAC integration efforts through the Common Market at the regional level involving liberalisation of services, the EAC domestic air transport sector remains over-protected, thus translating into less accessible and unaffordable air transport at the expense of potential users,” she said.

“Air transport in East Africa is still very expensive by international standards; as is exhibited in the current high passenger airfares and freight charges. Flight costs, both passengers and cargo flights, are high in the EAC region, thus contributing to a high cost of doing business.”

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